Memories of Mike

Memories of Mike

“Serba was the type of guy that when you walked into a party as a freshman, he’d tell you to straighten your hat or pull your pants up, slap you in the face, then give you a beer and a smooch on the cheek and say “I love you kid.”

“Although I did not know Mike that well, he was the type of guy who said hello no matter what. He took you in and made you feel welcome and for that I am thankful to have known him.”

“It was always a great time with Serbs, he would just put his arm around me and say “sing along Solly, I know you want to!!” Serba had no foes, just friends, and I was lucky enough to be considered one of them”

“Mike always seemed to treat me like a parent. As funny as it may sound he was always trying to straighten me out and wanted me to stay on a straight path. I’ll never forget the times I spent with him”

“love Serbs….since his relatives were from Ukraine, he’d always say: “My grandfather would always say to me “Ia tebe dam!!”, “when he was mad at me”….Love you brother…you’re always here with us!”
–Nikita Kashirsky

“Serba was always smiling and making sure others did the same. He didn’t allow people to stand in a corner during a party. They were taught to straight leg dance. One time we even sang songs at his house while Raph played the guitar. He lived every moment to the fullest. You couldn’t ask for a better person to come into your life… no matter for how long. Love you Mike.”

“The first time I ever met Serba was last year when I was visiting Norwich. We were at the good old Rustic, and Serba asked me if I would dance with him. He began to twirl me around as if we were ballroom dancing, then out of no where he punched me in the face. Right on the cheek. I smacked him back, he kissed me on the cheek and said “Your a good girl Jenn”. That is def a memory i will NEVER forget! I love you and miss you Serbs!”
–Jenn Sodano>

“I can safely say there was never a dull moment with Serba! He always had me laughing for some reason or another. The “stunna-shades” night was funny with the million pictures he needed me to take and the smooch he stole! And the night he hopped out of my car while I was driving in reverse (slowly), but still driving, to park my car because he couldn’t handle the country music that was on! You really did impact everyone’s life for the better! Thanks for the smiles, the laughs, and the good times Serba!! You are loved and greatly missed!!”

“When I was 17, I got traded for the first time while I was playing junior hockey. I walked into my new dressing room and looked around for an empty stall. In the far corner of the room was the smallest stall in the room obviously left for any new kid. So I strolled over, threw my bag to the ground keeping my head down not wanting to make eye contact with any of the older guys because I was kinda nervous. All of a sudden Mike strolled into the dressing room looked around and spotted me, came over and stuck his hand out and said “Hi, my names Mike…. your the new guy eh?”. I was kinda stunned but said “ya I guess I am”. Mike turned around and sat in his stall and without looking at me said “Well now that your here don’t screw up while I’m on the ice because your going to make me look bad”. I didn”t say anything because I had felt that maybe I bothered him. After 5 minutes we were getting dressed to go out on the ice and he came over and slapped me on the back and said “Don’t worry about anything…you look like your going to shit yourself.” Three years later I came to Norwich and again Mike was right there helping me through the ups and downs. Not only is he my friend but he’s also going to be my teammate and brother for the rest of my life. Mike always had an amazing effect on anyone he met whether for a minute or a year. He was truly the best!”
–Phil Sbrocchi

“Serba always made sure other people were having a good time. He was always the first guy to start the party and the last guy to leave. Mike was a very consistent person, he was always having a good time, always cheered for the same team, always drank the same beer; but never any hard alcohol, never played drinking games, and always had a smile on his face. He was a truly happy person and never let little things hold him back. He seemed to be able to relate with everyone; when ever someone had a problem, Mike had an answer. I love you Serbie, and keep dancing kid!!!”

“Your my little buddy, bab bab billy goat”
–Jeff K.

“Mike Serba was as good a leader and teammate I have ever met. When I sit back and think of Mike, I see him walking through the locker-room, shoulders slumped, ice bags taped to his legs, walking as if his limp was part of his gait, knowing full well he had left every ounce of his energy on the ice. Mike had this presence about him, especially when he would walk through the locker-room like this; the kind of presence that very few have; that of a winner. The kind of person you look up too. He used to tell me that someday I was going to do great things, and I always shrugged it off. The last time I saw Mike we laughed and joked and apologized for stupid stuff that goes on between friends. I’ll never forget leaving, giving him a hug and hearing him tell me again that I would do great things. Leaders drive men to do great things, and whatever I end up doing, my success can be attributed to the words of a friend, a brother, a leader. Thanks Serba. C.”

A true friend has left today for a better place. He takes with him, our prayers, our friendship, our respect, our sadness, our joy, and most of all…..our love. WE will always remember, never forget, the way he lived each day….full of excitement and happiness. Those of us whom had the privilege of sharing in these moments have truly been blessed. Our time together has been short, and we are lesser for it, but we know God has a bigger plan for you. A plan that includes all the joys and happiness one could only imagine, and in that plan I know we will all meet again soon. Take care of our friend God, the way he has taken care of us.
— Love you Buddy, Mac

R.I.P – Michael Serba 1981-2006 Serbie Dream. First off, I miss Mike very much. I have dozens of pictures of my old teammates at Norwich and Mike is in almost all of them. It just shows you what kind of teammate and great person he was to always be around and supporting his friends. Secondly, two nights ago I had a dream that was very special to me. All because of one person I saw during it. The dream reunited me with many of my old teammates from Norwich. In the dream, all of the guys were sitting around in a room talking among each other as if nothing has changed, as if a day, hour, minute, and second had not passed by. To me, time stood still and I observed everybody smile and talk. Mid way through the dream I saw a figure in the background get up from his seat. As, I turned my head to get a better glance and focus in I quickly realized that the man I was looking at was Mike. There were no words exchanged, but just one HUGE MIKE SERBA SMILE TO ME. Then Mike slowly sat back down and the dream faded away, until I woke up. As I woke up the next morning I sat on the edge of my bed for a brief second to reflect. I came to realize that no matter how much I wanted that dream to be real and for Mike to still be with us today it was still yet only a dream, more so a wish. But as I thought about it deeper, I began to smile and laugh because I knew that Mike was in a better place and by his huge smile in the dream was letting me know that he is alright and doing fine. It was more than a sigh of relief for me; it has made me so happy just to know that for a quick second that I got to see him, and what he was known best for… his smile. I just wanted to share this with some of you guys… it really touched my heart. Thanks, and much love…
— Krenner